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Data and the intricacies of displaying no value

Screen typography is more than selecting a nicely legible typeface, it’s font sizes, leading, kerning, and perhaps color. Screen typography really takes on a different dimension for software interfaces that have to deal with lots of data. This is similar to what we know from typography in print design.



Amazing news! The Instagram Socialmatic concept camera is going to become a reality!

The camera will come with WiFi, Bluetooth, 16GB of storage, and an internal printer for instant prints.

Instagram Socialmatic Camera Coming Out in 2013! 

How awesome is that? #iphoneography

Ulmer Münster


Ulm Cathedral – 14th Cen.

Gotham Gothic.

Ulmer Muenster in my home town. Tallest cathedral in the world. It took 100 years to complete.

Win­dows Phone 7 messaging

Little Big Details

Win­dows Phone 7 – The mes­sag­ing app icon changes to sad face when an error occurred while send­ing a mes­sage.

Nice detail

Sorting definitions

The terms alphabetical and lexicographical are used interchangeably, but if they mean the same, why do we have two different terms for it?

“Painting” together the Mac OS X Lion log-in screen with square blocks

There is an issue with the log in screen under Mac OS X Lion, where after log out Mac OS wants you to paint the screen with square pixels blocks. It’s quite annoying, but fortunately there is a fix for that.

What’s a good wireframing tool? Part 2: Balsamiq Mockups

It can be really tricky to find the right wireframing tool with all the options out there, and many times it depends on your personal preference or the requirements of the project. In this post however, we’ll solely take a look at Balsamiq Mock-Ups.

What’s a good wireframing tool? Part 1: Omnigraffle

There is an abundance of wireframing tools out there, but if you want to boil it down to industry standards, then I’d say: OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, and (although a prototyping tool) Axure Pro. Looking into the PC MS Office Suite, we have Visio, but I have heard reports about people using PowerPoint. In this post we’ll take a look at OmniGraffle, a Mac only application.