Day: May 7, 2017

Brain food

Brain food,Best Books of 2016 Recommended by Mockplus for UX Designers

Here comes a list of the 8 best and most influential books compiled by Mockplus on UX design to help both new-comers and experienced designers strengthen their skills. If you can carefully read and digest these must-read books, I believe

Liminal thinking

Liminal thinking,A metaphorical model of the mind – The Overlap

How can a monkey, an elephant and a lizard can help you reach your goals? Let me tell you a story. We all have brains, but they don’t come with an operating manual, like a car or a blender. Wouldn’t it

Hello World


About more than a year ago I backed “The Grid” as one of the first founding members. I have since then been anxiously awaiting getting early beta access to The Grid. 


That happened earlier this month and today I found the time to delve into the entire thing.

Was die Nummernschilder in Holland verraten

Was die Nummernschilder in Holland verraten

Als Kind war „Nummernschilder raten” beim Autofahren die Hauptbeschäftigung Nummer 1. Gameboys oder sogar DVD-Spieler im Auto gab es noch nicht und „Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst”, war auf der Autobahn immer etwas schwierig, auch wenn man damals noch nicht mit 180 km/h

Inspirational Design Thinking

Inspirational Design Thinking,Applying Inspirational Design Thinking to Tackle Breakthrough Innovation

A society’s progress depends upon the quality of the questions it asks itself and to know what questions to ask today in order to secure a sustainable future. One question could be: “Why design something at all?”

Design Thinking Needs To Think Bigger

Design Thinking Needs To Think Bigger

The following is the second of two excerpts from The Way to Design , a guide to becoming a designer founder and to building design-centric businesses. It was adapted and reprinted with the author’s permission. Read the first one, on the case against empathy, here.