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Social media explained

Six social media trends for 2013

Apparently the coming year is all about content, gadgets, sensory intelligence, big data, SoMo, and social commerce.

One second every day

1 Second Everyday App Preview Demo from Cesar Kuriyama on Vimeo.

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The problem with traditional URLs on smart phones

Recently I have noticed how annoyed I sometimes get, when using my smart phone. There are just some minor, but really irritating flaws in particular with navigating to installed apps from URLs you received in emails. It really get’s me thinking about what a possible solution could (and should) look like.

The users behind geosocial and location based mobile services


(via The users behind geosocial and location-based mobile services)

Looks pretty promising

Google +1 looks pretty promising

The Museum of Me

“The Museum of Me” is an incredible well executed multimedia online experience, that restages gathered data from your Facebook profile into a digital museum context. Beautiful! It’s worth checking out.

The Museum of Me