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Removing the divide between physical and digital worlds


The border between our physical world and the digital information surrounding us has been getting thinner and thinner. Designer and engineer Jinha Lee wants to dissolve it altogether. As he demonstrates in this short, gasp-inducing talk, his ideas include a pen that penetrates into a screen to draw 3D models…

14 things you can do with the Apple headset

Every iPhone comes with a three-button headset containing a center button, a plus and a minus button. Until recently I wasn’t aware that you can do more with it then accepting calls, playing/pausing music, or changing volume. Then I found out that there are several hidden interactions behind the center button:

  • Single press
  • Single press and hold
  • Double press
  • Double press and hold
  • Tripple press
  • Tripple press and hold

Depending on context, or shall I say app that is in the foreground, these interactions are used differently:

Below are 14 things you can do with Apple’s remote headset:

  1. If you press the center button once you play the audio that’s currently on, that can be a song in iTunes, or an audio book in iBooks, or a podcast.
  2. Press a second time once, and you’ll pause the song.
  3. Press the center button twice to skip to the next song.
  4. Press the center button three times to go back to the start of the song or the previous track.
  5. To fast forward within a song double press, and on the second press keep the center button pressed.
  6. To rewind tripple press and again, keep the center button pressed on the last click.
  7. When you get a phone call press the center button once to answer
  8. During a call press the center button once to switch to the other call.
  9. Press again to switch back.
  10. If you don’t want to accept the incoming call, press once, but keep the center button pressed for 2 seconds.
  11. To hang up on a phone call, press the center button once.
  12. If you want to direct a call directly to voicemail, press the center button once and keep it pressed for two seconds.
  13. Press and hold the center button to activate Siri.
  14. You can use the plus and minus volume buttons to take a photo with your camera.’s new bracelet

Earlier this week revealed his PULS bracelet he has been working on for the past 3 years. It’s not a watch. It’s a phone, it has 1GB of memory, 16GB storage, 780 mA power, 3G, Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS, a pedometer, and an accelerometer.

There are leaders and there are followers and followers follow leaders. And leaders are followers too. But they don’t follow the crowd. They follow their gut; they follow their instinct; they dance to the beat of their own drum. They have the Puls because they follow their dream. They go against all odds. They’re the oddballs, the bizarre, the weirdos, the freaks, the dreamers, the unique. They’re hip-hop; they’re punk rock; they’re geek; they’re chic; They are artists; the black sheep… and a lot of people think they are outcasts, cast from society, but the reality is, they are an army, a strange imaginative wild and complex and beautiful people. And they are leaders. They are cultural taste makers; they’re trailblazers. These are the people that set the stage. These are the people that rock the stage. They’re the ones who think of things you can’t fathom and imagine the things that have not been imagined. I am will and we are fashionology.

Ever wondered how a computer boots?

The booting process is the process by which a machine comes form its rest state to a usable state. During the boot process there are several units involved that have a specific order.

Wearables – Nissan Nismo Watch

A device that aims to connect drivers to their vehicles, and monitor for heart rate and a series of in-vehicle telematics.

Electronic tattoos

Connected objects – The talking shoe

A smart sneaker with personality that can broadcast its story to the web.

Wearable communicators

Role modeling

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Chemistry rocks