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Unusual things to explore in Amsterdam

If you like to see less artsy stuff, but still want to visit museums and exhibitions, there are several option in Amsterdam to choose from; from anything that glows up to human anatomy showcased on real bodies.

Dancing + clubbing scene in Amsterdam

The clubbing scene in Amsterdam has several really good things to offer.

Clubs in Amsterdam work a bit differently. There is no set music style, instead they are being mixed up.

Check out this list to find places that are not your run of the mill club.

Get your thrill in Amsterdam

Don’t like typical visits to a museum, but want to experience something different? Amsterdam is all about that. There is something for every flavor, though not always for every age, if you catch my drift.

This list gives you some options to pick from. Please be aware that I’m not so much into fruit or herbs, and haven’t tried most of the things I’m listing here.

Bar experiences in Amsterdam

Are you in town and wonder where its best to enjoy your drinks? Here is a curated list of bars, pubs, breweries, and other liquer places to check out on your Amsterdam trip.

Amsterdam hotels that are different

Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam and looking for something different? This extensive curated list contains recommended hotels located in the city center of Amsterdam.

Suit case skating

I need one of those