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Best google webfonts

There is an increasing number of Google Webfonts, and its getting super hard to find what you are looking for. Especially since most of them are plain awful. There are a view pearls in there though, which are worth checking out.



Sigmar Polke- Höhere Wesen befahlen: rechte obere Ecke schwarz anmalen, 1969

(Serie: Die drei Lügen der Malerei)

Great minds discuss ideas

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photo by smaracuja


So after an eternity trying to find a contact form and several emails being sent back and forth I managed that tumblr staff would take my photo down. I didn’t get any information on who was the origin on that post or who in that long chain of 50.000 notes inserted the advertorial link behind it due to privacy reasons. Although I should be satisfied, just my photo has been deleted and all the reblogged posts with the link that gets Mr.Anonymous 2 cents for each click are still there.

I wouldn’t make such a fuzz about it, but I am concerned about this trend. Of course, there’s been reblogging and sharing stuff without credit ever since and I don’t consider my photo a piece of art, but using viral posts for third party profit is new to me within this “community”. At first you wonder why something inappropriate with that high amount of attention wouldn’t get noticed by the tumblr staff, but after seeing them just deleting the photo and keeping the link, I really don’t wonder about anything anymore.

One would think a company as big as tumblr would take better care of their product.

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