Category Visual Thinking

Drawing a computer

How much is needed to depict a computer? Do we need the mouse at all?


Drawing a car

A two dimensional car can easily be extended into the third dimension by applying some angles.


Making a good coffee the right way

how to make good #coffee the right way

Drawing emotion

From ecstatic to sad … Changing the appearance of mouth can already make a huge difference in expressing emotion.

Playing with appearance of eyes can tell additional stories.


Drawing expressions

Adding more lines for eyebrows can add a finer line to emotions and help depict sudden expression.


Indicating direction of movement

Use the nose to indicate direction. Lines can help you emphasize speed of running or even add a layer of emotion.


Drawing a person

Bringing a person to life to tell a story

A person

Visual alphabet

The visual alphabet explained … visually

Visual alphabet

Philographics and “-isms”

Philographics are “isms” visualized by Genis Carreras. His work is awesome!

I like veggies


I like veggies.