Dashboards are used to display large amounts of data in a condensed way, so it can be immediately understood and interpreted by the intended audience. The design must help locating the necessary information quickly. One way of achieving this is by using spactial location, and creating a layout that supports the population of four to five distict areas on the screen.

A good way in organizing the information is to positin the most important information in the top left corner, and secondary information to the right and below it. All least important information should go in the bottom right.

Why is that?
The most important information should be located in the top left of the screen, as this is the location where most users will look at first. If users do not find the most important information in the top left, the next location they are looking at is the center of the screen, because the center of the screen is the next location where they move their attention to.

Using these established design norms helps users to gain a sense of orientation, and rapid detection of the most important information, especially when they visit the dashboard for the first time.