Being on the move and traveling makes hungry. These are some places in Amsterdam where any foodie will enjoy dining.

Being on the move and traveling makes hungry. These are some places in Amsterdam where any foodies will enjoy dining.

3 course menu at Noorderlicht

What’s so special? This is one of the most unusual places in Amsterdam. We would hop on one for the free ferries and cross the river. They’ve got a small menu to build a 3 course meal, but its good and healthy, having options like beef, risotto, veggies.

Dutch food at s’Moeders

What’s so special? Not sure if they still do it, but the restaurant used to give you a free meal if you would bring a photo of your mom, that they could hang up on their walls. It’s close by “Waterkant” where you can have drinks afterwards.

Drinks and/or Colonial (Indonesian/Indian/Surinam) food at Waterkant

What’s so special? Self-service as they have a terrace directly next to a canal in the middle of the city
Good choice of drinks on the menu

Asian Street food at happyhappyjoyjoy

What’s so special? Interior and the fact that its Asian street food. Also, you can go for Drinks afterwards to “Waterkant”

Italian at Cafe Koevoet

What’s special? Dutch café with south Italian dishes + locals that had one grappa too many ☺

Spanish tapas + wine in Cafe Duende

What’s so special? It’s in the Jordaan district and they have Flamenco lessons in the back. Nice ambience

Dinner on an old Oil Rig

They’ve got typically a 2-3 course menu between 30-50 EUR. You have a view over the river, but it’s a bit further away, and not central.



Westergasfabriek is an old sugar factory that has now lots of restaurants, a cinema and media companies, next to a park. There are also Techno/dance events, an arcade, cinema, conferences, and Tony Chocolony – a chocolate company that promotes slave free chocolate. Typically creative folks hang out there as there are lots of media companies.

Mussels/Fish/Seafood + Gin at Mossel en Gin

Fish/Steak at Westergas Terras

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Healthy dinner options and/or drinks at Bar Botanique

What’s special? Tropical setting/ambience that makes it special. (check gallery pics) Small dinner menu with options including beet root, quinoa, couscous, or risotto.

(Anything) Chicken at Rotisserie

They are a fast food restaurant that asks you to have patience because all is handmade, They serve burgers, salads, chicken, and drinks from beers to cocktails

Spare ribs/meats/Fish at Gollem’s proeflokaal

What’s so special? International list of beers. This particular branch also serves food, their other locations offer beers only, if we choose to have beers
Here is their website
Here is their menu

Burgers at Cannibale Royale

What’s so special? Burgers, cocktails, exotic beers, or wine.

Burgers at Burgermeester

What’s so special? It’s a designer burger specialist. If you can’t choose which flavours, just pick 3 mini burgers.