Apparently the coming year is all about content, gadgets, sensory intelligence, big data, SoMo, and social commerce.

Content is continuing to be valuable and will be more valuable than ever in 2013. Chances are that might not be going away.

New gadgets are emerging: as we constantly have our faces directed on the display of our smart phones, instead of paying attention to the world around us, it’s only a matter of time until the first cyber glasses decorate our heads. The first Ski goggles that give a speed indication, are already out.

Sensory intelligence – we get more insight by measuring just anything, be it by wearing sensors on our bodies, homes, cars, or within any other technology.

Still no end insight with how we best handle “Big Data“. There is too much of it, and we are still struggling with how to best make any use out of it.

Social and mobile are getting more integrated and turn into a smobile web with optimized experiences.

Social commerce is another aspect that we are going to see growing, allowing us to buy gifts on social networks and even set up our own storefronts.

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