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When to represent data using graphics?

Graphics can very much enhance the ability to consume raw data in a fast and more efficient way. However, sometimes graphics are just too much and don’t really contribute to help the reader digest the content. A graphical or visual representation is only as useful as the methodology that was applied to engineer it. So when should you use graphics to represent your data, and what makes it good?

Meg Robichaud: Map Markers: Surprising Challenge

Meg Robichaud: Map Markers: Surprising Challenge

great work


Today I spent a good deal of my day making the Placeling map markers – and was very surprised to find out how difficult the are to make properly (and even more surprised to realize that google was the one that nailed it).

First, you have to figure out the shape – not an easy task. There are four…

Design can do lots of things

Design can clarify and simplify. It can inspire loyalty sell millions, or save lives. The power of design lies in its nuance: Intelligently planned and skillfully achieved, it is more than a tool to tempt the eye. It’s the difference between considered and purchased, annoyed and inspired, lost and found.