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The problem with traditional URLs on smart phones

Recently I have noticed how annoyed I sometimes get, when using my smart phone. There are just some minor, but really irritating flaws in particular with navigating to installed apps from URLs you received in emails. It really get’s me thinking about what a possible solution could (and should) look like.

Imagine you are in the midst of a waiting moment, either in a café, or traveling using public transport trying to use your time in some meaningful way.

You check your emails, and notice a summary mail from any of the social networks you are subscribed to. You open it, read, and find an interesting discussion with a direct link. You would like to read this discussion and maybe even take part by commenting on it.

You touch the link with the expectation that the app of this social network launches, but instead your mobile browser appears on the screen. Next thing that you need to do, is log into your account on your mobile browser, even though you have the mobile app for your network installed on your phone.

Now you have to log in …

Of course the reading experience feels clumsy and is most likely not optimized. This is why the network provides an app in first place. You think “Of course!”. So you switch to the related app, only to realize you can’t find the discussion you are interested in.

Does this scenario feel familiar to you?

I have thought about it and I am wondering, if apps are able to send me messages to my dashboard, why can’t the update also be sent to my dashboard with a link to an overview page in my app that lists the update just like it is presented in the email. I really would love that a lot!

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