Unusual things to explore in Amsterdam

Below are some of the less touristy things to do in Amsterdam, some are unusual, others are more bizarr.

Check out everything that glows

This pretty much shows everything that glows in the dark. www.electric-lady-land.com

Visit Micropia

Micropia is the worlds first zoo for bacteria www.micropia.nl

Explore plants

Visit the Hortus Botanicus www.dehortus.nl/?lang=en

Painful to see

Visit the Torture museum www.torturemuseum.nl

Do you like cats?

Visit the cat cabinet with art that depicts cats www.kattenkabinet.nl/en

More cats?

Visit the cat boat, an animal shelter www.depoezenboot.nl/en

What about Antiques?

Visit antique stores with strange collections of antiques. www.nieuwespiegelstraat.com

Science + meidicine

Visit Museum Vrolik in the AMC hospital. It holds all sorts of body parts in

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