There are so many discussion online on user experience, what it is and what it’s not, and it gives me a headache every time I see a debate. There is in general just so much confusion. I can only suspect why that is:

  1. Many young people feel attracted to UX, and get into the field without a proper formal education. I don’t have a problem with this approach, as long as they educate themselves through other sources out there. And there are plenty of it.
  2. Large organisations know they need designers, but don’t know how to integrated us. Yes, unlike Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Business Development, Engineering, etc. we are a very different tribe with needs that are different from what organisations know.

So what is user experience? In a nutshell, user experience is the result of design. Design is about people, and their needs and goals. These needs are translated into tangible solutions that change a status quo into a desired outcome.

That can be a physical object like a chair, a digital interface in an app, an interior, a process, a website, a phone menu in a call centre, or a service. At the centre of it all is the person.

We are not done with the person and their needs and goals. Organisations need to thrive to stay in business, and bring out their products. They need to sell them to stay relevant, in business and remain competitive. As such an organization also has needs and goals.

Design is about attributes, it improves the quality of a status quo, and that results in an experience for the person using a product or service, and for a company in revenues, and market share.