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Ever wondered how a computer boots?

The booting process is the process by which a machine comes form its rest state to a usable state. During the boot process there are several units involved that have a specific order.

Useful collection of frameworks for defining the minimal viable product

UXPin just launched a free MVP Guide. It’s a master collection of frameworks, expert opinions and examples on how to build amazing products with limited resources. Free e-book can be requested at

Pentagram to kickstart a reprint of the NYCTA

Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda, two designers at Unimark back in the late 60s designed the New York City Transit system. Untangling the chaos and designing a complete signage system took them about 4 years. Pentagram found a copy of the original, and photographed each page and put the manual online for the world to see.

Now Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth are working on a project and plan to kickstart a full-size reissue of the NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual.