Brain food

Brain food,Best Books of 2016 Recommended by Mockplus for UX Designers

Here comes a list of the 8 best and most influential books compiled by Mockplus on UX design to help both new-comers and experienced designers strengthen their skills. If you can carefully read and digest these must-read books, I believe

Liminal thinking

Liminal thinking,A metaphorical model of the mind – The Overlap

How can a monkey, an elephant and a lizard can help you reach your goals? Let me tell you a story. We all have brains, but they don’t come with an operating manual, like a car or a blender. Wouldn’t it

Hello World


About more than a year ago I backed “The Grid” as one of the first founding members. I have since then been anxiously awaiting getting early beta access to The Grid. 


That happened earlier this month and today I found the time to delve into the entire thing.