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Prototyping objects with Protopaper

My batch of protopaper arrived today. Protopaper is a thicker type of paper that is pre-perforated based on a grid. It comes in two flavours: a triangle grid, and a square grid, and it’s great and fast way for building objects as paper sculpture prototypes before going into moulding.

That’s is my second attempt.


The triangle grid is something I’m still trying to get used to. It seems that there are more options with the square grid.

Thought-provoking: Digital vs. physical products

Yarif Sade outlines the differences of physical and digital products, and how the boundaries are blurring.’s new bracelet

Earlier this week revealed his PULS bracelet he has been working on for the past 3 years. It’s not a watch. It’s a phone, it has 1GB of memory, 16GB storage, 780 mA power, 3G, Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS, a pedometer, and an accelerometer.

There are leaders and there are followers and followers follow leaders. And leaders are followers too. But they don’t follow the crowd. They follow their gut; they follow their instinct; they dance to the beat of their own drum. They have the Puls because they follow their dream. They go against all odds. They’re the oddballs, the bizarre, the weirdos, the freaks, the dreamers, the unique. They’re hip-hop; they’re punk rock; they’re geek; they’re chic; They are artists; the black sheep… and a lot of people think they are outcasts, cast from society, but the reality is, they are an army, a strange imaginative wild and complex and beautiful people. And they are leaders. They are cultural taste makers; they’re trailblazers. These are the people that set the stage. These are the people that rock the stage. They’re the ones who think of things you can’t fathom and imagine the things that have not been imagined. I am will and we are fashionology.

Useful collection of frameworks for defining the minimal viable product

UXPin just launched a free MVP Guide. It’s a master collection of frameworks, expert opinions and examples on how to build amazing products with limited resources. Free e-book can be requested at

Cardboard bike

Cardboard bike project

Weather forecast station in London

Washing hands for kids made easy


Umbrella holder