Saturday morning, it’s shortly after 9 am. It’s cold outside, but cosy under my warm blanket. I peak on my phone, turn around one more time, and I start thinking about what I should be doing today. Then I realise, that I am supposed to be at the airport right now in this very moment.

Long story short. I think I set a new world record catching a flight. I arrived 10 minutes prior to boarding. There were no queues, it nearly felt like traveling on a Platinum membership level – except that no one greeted me and there was no red carpet either. Now that I’m writing this I am surprised I was allowed in. Anyhow. I made it.

I still have a view minutes. I get bored, start checking my messages, and notice an email from the apartment rental I booked 3 months back. My apartment is cancelled.

Wait. … What? … Really? … No!

For a moment I am playing with the thought not to board. I mean, what else can go wrong? I decide to just go through with it and figure it out once I land.

During the flight I can’t stop thinking of getting internet access and find a place where I can stay in the coming week.

Hours later. I’m still thinking of the cancelled apartment. We are almost there; the captain makes an announcement. He sounds excited, sais something about stormy weather and turbulences. It gets bumpy and eventually we land savely an hour later.

I go through customs and the standard quiz.

Outside I call the 24/7 hotline of the booking agency because the apartment rental concierge told me in an earlier phone call that he can’t help me or do anything.

I wait in the IVR for nearly 30 minutes when I finally give up. I’m informing my friend that I won’t be making our dinner tonight and explain the situation.

A taxi ride and a shower later I find myself Falaffel eating at my friends place working this drama towards a happy end. I learn that the reason the apartment was cancelled was due to overbooking – not the storms. I managed to get a hotel room through the booking agency. They’ll cover the additional costs. I decided though to spend the week on my friends couch. We haven’t seen each other in years.

I conclude:

  1. The booking agency is great and went great lengths to compensate for the mishap that wasn’t even their fault.
  2. Going with the flow is better than going with plans.
  3. I have a wonderful opportunity to catch up and spend more time with a friend, and return a favor.
  4. It’s my first IxD and it is going to be fun!